Love has its reasons….! Passion has obviously won against logic or even team spirit concerning Juan Carlon Menudo, attacking midfielder of the Spanish football club Deportivo La Coruna. Indeed, this football player simulated the Covid in order to be able to follow a match of Betis Seville, his favorite team, on April 23, according to El Pais. Result: he was immediately fired!

The fact is that Deportivo were playing a crucial match that day, a match they knowingly avoided by simulating the Covid. This match was decisive since the team is fighting to move up to the second division. It was scheduled for Friday, April 22. However, the trip to Talavera has been postponed to Sunday morning because of work on the lawn. It is the same day for the Spanish Cup match. Recall that Betis Seville was opposed to Valencia on April 23. A game that Betis Seville won in the penalty shootout. For Juan Carlos Menudo, feelings are mixed.

Juan Carlos Menudo was one of the club’s biggest contracts

Being a huge Betis Seville fan, Juan Carlos Menudo had already bought his ticket for the final well in advance. “He made the choice from the heart,” reports the Spanish media. By lying about his health, he managed to attend the final, but not in secret. His club, of course, got wind of his trip and summoned him.

Although he denied the facts at first, he later confessed everything. This is what visibly sealed his fate since Deportivo La Coruña invoked an “accumulation of serious breaches of the internal code”. Which got him fired. Still, Juan Carlos Menudo was one of the club’s biggest deals.

A footballer simulates the Covid, and pays dearly for it! © Pexels

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