Relations are increasingly tense between Prince Harry and the United Kingdom. According to information from the Mirror, relayed on Saturday January 15, 2022, Meghan Markle’s husband wants to win his case and would be ready to use drastic measures. The reason: the absence of his bodyguards. Indeed, the Duke of Sussex demands that he must recover his security. When he and his wife made the decision to end his royal duties, he was aware that he would no longer be able to benefit from taxpayer-funded security. Only, two years later, Prince Harry believes that he cannot do without this security so that he can live in peace with his family. If he does not win his case, he will not hesitate to take legal action against the British government.

It was in this context that his lawyers wrote a “pre-action protocol” letter to the Home Office, stating that they would seek judicial review if continued security was not provided by the United Kingdom. United. A real standoff could then see the light of day. A new story that should not please Queen Elizabeth II. The latter would have heard of the action that her grandson is ready to take.

Prince Harry is ready for anything

If they went through with their intentions, it would be a great first in the history of British royalty for one of its members to attack the government. Indeed, no member of the Royal Family has ever sued Her Majesty’s Government. What still make a lot of ink flow on prince Harry.

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