Yamada Atsushi aka Hot Sushi feels blessed to have been bitten by a shark in his leg. It could have been much worse according to him because the shark could have attacked one of his “precious young” or other surf teachers. It all happened off Tybee Island, Georgia. Yamada took a group of students from his Happy Surf Camp Aloha there for a lesson session. It was during this session that Yamada Atsushi was attacked by the shark.

He was taken to Chatham Emergency Department who said a swimmer was bitten on Tybee Island. A local fisherman said the swimmer may have been maimed by a Black Tip. Yamada, meanwhile, posted photos of emergency teams tending to his leg. While apologizing for this “crazy incident which made things chaotic”, he said “I am especially very grateful that no one else was in the sea water at that time”.

“Very painful deep cleansing and lots of stitches.”

Yamada’s injuries were relatively serious, emergency teams had to clean them up. He is a little worried about the future of his surf school after this incident. He said: “After this incident on my own, it’s going to be hard for me to say ‘come surf with me’. The attack that Yamada suffered may not have been a coincidence. Beachgoers in North Carolina have spoken of “very large sharks” lurking near the shore of Oak Island, with photos of several dorsal fins to back it up.

Yamada Atsushi © The sun

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