The information collected by The Sun from a court on January 30 tells of an “eye for an eye” action. Samson Price, 48, tried to kill the man he held responsible for the death of his son, Samson Jr, 18. It was outside PureGym in Northwich, Cheshire, that the father attacked the victim. Samson Price is said to have planned this attack which happened in September 2021 for a long time. The Sun explains that this father had tracked the victim, Patrick Brown, with a tracker for days.

Outside the gym, Samson Price had no doubts about his goal. He therefore attacked Patrick Brown with a machete six times. Samson Price blamed Patrick Brown, 20, for the death of his son, drowned in a pond in Wigan, in October 2020. It was in front of the horrified gaze of gym users that Samson Price took action. Luckily for the victim, she was saved by sheer luck. The young boy received very rapid medical treatment after witnesses called the emergency services.

Samson Price surrendered to authorities three weeks later

Samson Price was reportedly furious that Patrick Brown and two others were not charged in his son’s death. Note that the group had been arrested on suspicion of murder. For the story, Samson Jr and the concerned had gone to a pond called Westwood Flash. Their goal was to take LSD. Patrick Brown told the jury that they were camping when Samson Price Jr started acting weird. Samson Price Jr reportedly disappeared and was later found drowned in the pond. No charges were brought and the boy’s death was ruled accidental. The trial continues!

A father torn by the tragic death of his son loses his mind and tries to get justice in blood

A father torn by the tragic death of his son loses his mind and tries to get justice in blood © Pexels

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