Sometimes conspiratorial delusions go way too far. Matthew Coleman, a 40-year-old father, indoctrinated by the QAnon conspiratorial drift has committed the irreparable and now faces the death penalty. Owner of a surf school, the latter, “influenced by the conspiracy theories of the QAnon and the Illuminati”, is accused of having killed his children with the harpoon of his fishing rifle.

According to a court document, Matthew Coleman believed that “his children were going to become monsters and should therefore be killed”. The reason ? His wife allegedly passed on her snake DNA to them. Yes, it is cold in the back. This 40-year-old must now answer for two counts of first degree murder. He allegedly told FBI agents that he took his son, Kaleo, and 10-month-old daughter, Roxy, to Rosarito, Mexico, where he killed them.

The prosecutor will decide if there is a death penalty

“By law, these charges carry the death penalty. The attorney general will decide whether to request the death penalty at a later date,” the US justice ministry said. United. CCTV footage found by investigators shows Coleman took the three children to a City Express hotel room before leaving for Mexico the next day.

The person who found the bodies, a farm worker who wanted to remain anonymous, said he had “tears in his eyes when it came time to call the police”. One thing is certain: as conspiracy theories rage in the United States, this crime will not go unpunished.

A conspirator commits the irreparable on his children © Pexels

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