Sergey Burenkov, his wife Natalya, their daughter and her partner aged 31 and 37 had just arrived in Albania for a family vacation. The four Russians had checked in at their 5-star hotel just an hour before the tragedy. Only for a few hours in the territory, the four of them have been killed in the sauna of the Gloria Palace Hotel.

Sergey, Natalya, Katya and Nikita died within minutes of each other, as The Sun relates. Upon arrival at the luxurious Gloria Palace Hotel, the four adults proceeded to the hotel’s sauna and swimming pool complex. From there they order food and drink. But when the waiter arrives, it is the tragedy. “I shouted several times that the drinks and fruit were ready. No one answered, so I walked into the sauna and saw them all,” the employee told the media. It is there that he sees a person lying on a deckchair, two seated on the benches of the sauna and the last one seated with his legs in the swimming pool. All four died of suffocation.

All hotel staff were interviewed as part of the investigation. The latter is still underway to determine whether the tragedy is due to a technical failure of the sauna system, or whether inadequate care for tourists has taken place by hotel employees. “The situation and the causes are not clear. We are awaiting the expertise and the forensic report,” said a spokesperson for the hotel.

Sauna: accidents that happen

In 2017, a mother and daughter, aged 65 and 45 respectively, were killed in a sauna at a friend’s house in the Czech Republic. The two women unfortunately found themselves trapped inside after the hilt gave way. After trying to break the windows in vain, they lost their lives.

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