A drought that reserves its share of surprises. For several years, the American West has been suffering from a historic drought, which also affects many bodies of water. This is for example the case of Lake Mead, the largest water reservoir in the United States, the level of which has considerably decreased under the effect of this climatic event. And after reaching a particularly low level, a skeleton was discovered by boaters this Sunday, May 1 in a rusty container trapped in the mud.

Thanks to the personal effects found in the drum with the body, the Las Vegas police estimated that it would be a person killed in the 1980s. The investigators have not yet revealed the causes of death, however. nor the nature of the objects. The victim is being authenticated. “This is coming across as a very tough case,” Lt. Ray Spencer told the Las Vegas police news site 8newsnow.com.

Towards the discovery of new bodies?

“I would say that there is a very high chance that we will discover new human remains as the water level goes down,” he also warned. Indeed, the drought that is affecting the western United States threatens the water supply of a large part of the population and has caused the level of lakes and rivers to drop dramatically. Lake Mead, a huge reservoir attached to the Hoover Dam, and fed by the Colorado River, has thus reached its lowest level since 1937.

According to a study published in 2020 by the American geological agency (USGS), the flow of the Colorado has fallen by an average of 20% for a century, and at least half of the drop is due to the increase in temperatures in the area. Due to greenhouse gases generated by human activities, in particular by fossil fuels, the temperature has increased by around 1.1°C on the planet since the pre-industrial era.

Lake Mead © Pixabay

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