Thanks to justice, this little girl will be able to return to the right path. Seven years old, she had been recruited by her mother and grandmother to help them carry out their cocaine trafficking. This little Italian had to prepare the doses of the product for the good progress of the Rocca di Papa cartel, which was recently dismantled by the transalpine police. Among other things, the schoolgirl accompanied her mother by car on her sales tours by car to play the role of lookout.

His mother and grandmother, who could earn up to 2,000 euros a day, were arrested on Monday, December 12, along with six other people from their cartel during a hack organized by a police brigade in the region. from Rome. The latter are being prosecuted for drug trafficking, aggravated by counts of money laundering and exploitation of minors, according to the Velletri prosecutor’s office. The investigation, which began last January, ended in August during a routine check which led the police to find a large sum of money in the vehicle.

“Instead of playing with children her age, the little girl would pack cocaine balls”

While the culprits assured that this money was the cash of their bar, wiretapping and the use of images from surveillance cameras proved the opposite. During their investigation, the police discovered that behind this drug trafficking was a little girl, who, instead of playing with other children of her age, had to pack cocaine balls throughout the day.

During their arrest on Tuesday morning, 250 grams of narcotics worth 25,000 euros as well as 75,000 euros in cash were found at the home of this family. The operation involved around 100 police officers, a helicopter and Italian soldiers. While the little girl will be able to discover a normal life, the mother and the grandmother are awaiting their judgment.

Cocaine trafficking © Pexels

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