A couple’s sex games go wrong and two orphans

Last July, Warren and Claire booked a night at a hotel in North Wales. He is 52, 38 and the mother of two adorable children. What brings them together? Their taste for sexual games, and particularly for bondage. This sadomasochistic practice consists in attaching one of the two partners, who then surrenders completely to the other. And it is Claire, that evening, who takes the role of “dominated”, then leaving the right to Warren to tie her hands. But this purely sexual little game was not intended to be so dramatic …

Caring mother suffocates death

Alcoholic drinks and drugs are part of the evening on this day. But after consuming this dangerous cocktail, Warren falls asleep. Claire, she is still attached with, obviously, her mouth and nose covered. The young woman suffocates, and ends up dying. When he wakes up, the 50-year-old finds the lifeless body of his companion and gets scared. As Sud Info points out, Warren fled. The police are alerted a few hours later by the hotel staff.

Woman killed in bondage game gone wrong was a ‘loving and caring mother’ https://t.co/9eab8HM8FY pic.twitter.com/Do0ZnmY6NN

– The Mirror (@DailyMirror) May 5, 2021

On Wednesday May 5, Warren was convicted of negligent manslaughter of the mother of two children. He receives six years in prison. “This is the tragic and unnecessary death of a woman,” Constable Lee Harshey-Jones of North Wales Police said after the verdict. “Warren had the responsibility to look after Claire’s well-being and he failed.” Claire, described by those around her as a loving and caring mother, leaves behind two orphaned mothers. “My childhood has been ruined forever,” Claire’s 15-year-old daughter told court. The police in North Wales have made it clear that incidents of this nature are fortunately very rare, and that no effort will be neglected to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

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