To each couple, its functioning. But the rules that apply within one duo, will not necessarily work for another. On social media, Jaden and Andy, recent graduates of Abilene Christian University in Texas, sparked a flurry of derogatory comments when they revealed their marriage rules.

Deemed “controversial” and too strict, subscribers to their TikTok account did not hesitate to massively criticize the couple, calling them “toxic” and “obsessive” in their operation.

Controversial rules

How do you maintain a strong relationship and make a marriage last? Jaden and Andy seem to have found the miracle recipe. On their TikTok account, their video around their “controversial marriage rules” quickly accumulated more than 7.3 million views, annoying many users of the social network. Captioning their clip with “The controversial rules of our marriage that we didn’t think could be controversial”, the couple confessed that they did not “realize” that their settlement would cause such a fuss on TikTok.

The rule of three

What about those famous rules? Three in number, Jaden and Andy divulged them by striking random poses. The first that the couple follow scrupulously is to “Share a location on Life360”. The second establishes that the duo must “Share all their passwords and have no secrets from each other”. The third implies that one of the partners “Must not be alone with someone of the opposite sex”.

Lack of trust or respect?

Together for three years and recently married, Jaden and Andy shocked their 126,000 followers, being branded ‘toxic’ and ‘obsessive’ in the comments. “This is the definition of lack of confidence in all its aspects” wrote one person. “Bad vibes on the last rule. If you can trust the other partner, then there is no need,” noted a second. But while many thought their rules were “ridiculous”, others applauded them, revealing that they too were doing the same thing. “I agree with everything and I am a marriage therapist” declared a person. “It’s not weird at all!” My husband and I do the same! Leave no room for insecurity,” added a second. “I don’t see any problem, me and my husband are the same” concluded a third.

A couple reveals their golden rules in love, Internet users find them toxic


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