A grim affair. Tuesday, February 8 in the United States, a couple from the State of Delaware was arrested after burying their 5-month-old daughter in their garden, whose birth and death they had failed to declare. Angel Toran, 22, gave birth to her daughter in April 2021 at her home in Magnolia, Kent County. Malnourished, left behind, the baby died five months later. A neighbor, convinced that something had happened to the baby, then contacted the authorities.

On October 10, US Child Welfare Services visited Toran and her 24-year-old fiancé, Ny’Jier Murphy. In particular, they found that the latter was in possession of a Glock 19 9mm, a weapon for which he had no license. The next day, Thursday, October 11, 2021, Delaware State Police discovered the baby’s body buried in the couple’s backyard. An autopsy revealed that he had “deceased from health problems associated with malnutrition”. Arrested on February 8, Angel Toran and Ny’Jier Murphy were charged with “abuse or negligence resulting in death”. Their bonds were set at $260,000 and $270,000 respectively (heavier charges would be on the mother).

A neighborhood steeped in horror

In the Delaware district where the couple lived, it is amazement. “I was shocked when I read the report, confides Krupa Patel, a close neighbor of the accused, to the regional media The Delaware News Journal. I said ‘no, they couldn’t do that’ There is something I don’t think they would have starved their baby to death,” he said, adding that Toran and Murphy were “really nice kids.” While awaiting trial, the two suspects remain incarcerated.

The baby was malnourished © Pixabay

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