How difficult it is to get children to swallow fruits and vegetables! This problem that parents usually encounter is not one for Charlotte Travers, a Briton from Paignton, Devon, a coastal town in south-west England. His 6-year-old son Thomas loves oranges and tangerines, a literally devouring passion that leads him to consume a phenomenal quantity in one day. If he has nothing to worry about on the side of vitamin C, the young British should worry about a strange phenomenon caused by the massive ingestion of a citrus fruit which is consumed both in liquid and solid form. , from breakfast to dinner. By dint of nibbling oranges, Thomas sees his skin become as yellow as that of the Simpsons. Before taking this unusual metamorphosis in a joking tone, Charlotte Travers was worried about this almost paranormal phenomenon.

“He started to turn yellow and I was very worried, because it could be a sign of kidney or liver failure, says Thomas’s mother in the columns of the Daily Mail. I thought of taking him to the doctor just in case, you never know.” A good reflex, when you know that yellowish skin generally betrays a problem with the liver and kidneys. Usually present in the stools and urine – to which it gives their color – bilirubin then accumulates throughout the body and thus causes the yellowing of the tissues. Thomas’s general practitioner did not worry: the boy’s eyes did not turn Simpson color, a symptom usually linked to pathologies of the liver and kidneys. “She told me that children can stain their skin by playing in the mud or the sand, testifies Charlotte Travers. But it was more than that – so we carried out blood tests to rule out any possibility.

How to Cure Simpson Syndrome

Charlotte Travers returns from the laboratory with a smile on her face. Blood tests did not show any irregularities in her son’s hemoglobin. A social worker then reveals to the general practitioner the boy’s strange eating habit, thus lifting the veil on the causes of this unusual metamorphosis. Charlotte Travers would never have imagined that an excessive consumption of oranges and tangerines could have transformed her offspring into a classmate of Bart Simpson. You should know that oranges, like mangoes, apricots and pumpkins – owe their color to a natural pigment, beta-carotene. An increased consumption of this natural dye can cause this benign jaundice called “carotenemia”. If necessary, the skin generally regains its usual color after several months, without any health problem. Beta-carotene is even very beneficial for the human body since it is transformed into vitamin A, which contributes to the normal metabolism of iron. Young Thomas therefore has a very healthy diet. “I have a rule at home: if there’s fruit in a bowl, you can eat as much as you want, and that hasn’t changed,” her mother explains. Reassured, Charlotte Travers nicknamed her child “Thomas Simpson” today.

A child turns into a Simpson because of a strange eating habit

Thomas Travers © Charlotte Travers

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