A child is born with a tail 12 centimeters long

It was an incredible birth that took place Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil. In early 2021, a baby was born with a tail of a dozen centimeters at the end of which was a strange ball four centimeters in diameter above his left buttock.

An extremely rare case that was the subject of an article in the scientific journal Journal of Pediatric Surgery. According to this article, during human development, a tail appears between the fourth and sixth week of gestation, before disappearing at the end of the eighth week. However, in the case of this infant born after 35 weeks of pregnancy, the tail continued to grow. The case report states that her mother was in good health, did not drink alcohol, and did not use illicit drugs. However, she smoked 10 cigarettes a day while pregnant. The woman also suffered from a urinary tract infection during her first trimester of pregnancy, which was treated with antibiotics.

A baby boy was born in Brazil with a 12cm-long appendage that had a ball on the end, with scientists calling it “true human tail”. Doctors were able to successfully remove the “chain & ball” after surgery. Baby was born at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in city of Fortaleza.pic.twitter.com/He6o7lpcHk

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Forty cases diagnosed since the 19th century

From the birth of the child, surgeons removed this amazing growth. Previously, they had made sure that it did not contain cartilage or bone, and that it was not connected to the nervous system. Analysis actually indicated that this tail was made up of skin, fatty tissue, nerves, as well as blood vessels.

According to the doctors in their publications, such cases are extremely rare. The first cases were reported in the 19th century, and only about 40 have been documented in the scientific literature, they say.

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