A terrible tragedy, which could however have been avoided, recently occurred in Val-d’Oise. A 13-year-old girl named Shiloh died of breast cancer. The young girl had initially noticed strange roughness on her left breast in March 2021, and therefore decided to tell her mother about it. The latter then noted that there were indeed “small pimples and a kind of orange peel”, as reported by Le Parisien on Monday May 23, 2022. For his part, a radiologist doctor, officiating within the Center imagery from the woman, had noted that Shiloh’s breast was “swollen, warm and sore”.

However, he refused to perform a mammogram on the girl. In fact, this medical examination is not recommended for patients of her age.” The mammary gland of young patients and, even more of children or adolescents, being very sensitive to radiation, mammography is therefore not recommended by learned societies before 30 years old, and when it is exceptionally indicated before, it must be the subject of an indication discussed collectively with a gynecologist”, indicated the management of the Center for Women’s Imaging in Ile-de-France daily life. In the end, the results of Shiloh’s ultrasound, as well as his symptoms, “clinically evoked an inflammatory or infectious process of the mastitis type, infinitely more frequent at that age”.

“When I said it was cancer, I was told: ‘But, madam, breast cancer at 12 years old, it doesn’t exist'”The parents of this teenager describe a terrible medical wandering, no one believing in development of such pathology at his agehttps://t.co/5UmHDLzI2v

– The Parisian (@le_Parisien) May 23, 2022

Drama: Suffering from a malignant tumor, Shiloh did not survive despite chemotherapy

Unfortunately, the girl’s state of health did not improve, which led her parents to question this diagnosis. “Shiloh was very tired, she had trouble standing up,” her mother said. Admitted to the emergency room on May 2, 2021, after a very long medical wandering, Shiloh saw her condition worsen, without a solid diagnosis being able to be made. In the end, the parents of the young teenager obtained that a biopsy be carried out. Thanks to her, the doctors were finally able to discover that their young patient had a grade II mammary angiosarcoma, which is a malignant tumor. Despite the start of a chemotherapy protocol, Shiloh died on December 8, 2021, 9 months after the onset of her first symptoms.

Child dies of breast cancer after mammogram refusal © Photonews

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