This 12-year-old boy from Mexico mustered up the courage to get his puppy out of the hands of his beating father who planned to sell him. Unbeknownst to his father, he and his mother dropped the pup inside a cardboard box outside an animal abuse shelter. Xollin, the rescue center for “unwanted” dogs, has revealed the contents of the moving letter from the 12-year-old boy who is named Andrés. The little boy explains in the letter accompanying the little puppy why he decided to get rid of it.

“My name is Andrés and I am 12 years old. My mother and I have decided to leave him to you. All of this is happening behind my father’s back, because he was thinking of selling him,” the letter reads. The rest of the letter explains that her father is “always beating and kicking the dog”. Andrés explains in his letter that once his father hit the puppy so hard that its tail was injured. A spokesperson for the center confirmed that the animal’s small tail was indeed fractured, reports the Mirror in its September 23, 2022 article.

He doesn’t want his puppy to forget him

You can feel this little boy’s heartbreak in the letter he left in the box with his dog, which he had to abandon. It is clear that he parted with his dog reluctantly and he hopes that the latter remembers him. He left the dog’s favorite stuffed animal in his box. “I hope you can help him and take care of him. Here’s a stuffed animal so he won’t forget me,” he concluded his letter. The spokesperson for the rescue center explained that little Rene, the name the boy gave to the puppy, is currently happy with more than 200 other puppies at the centre.

A child abandons his puppy with his favorite stuffed animal and leaves a terrible letter of explanation

Little René, the name the boy gave to the puppy © Facebook

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