It often happens that worldly situations give rise to real disasters. This is especially true when stress is at its peak. This is surely what took place on February 26 in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, in the rue de Sahel. Around 10 p.m., on board bus 29 traveling from Nation to Saint-Lazare station, a couple dropped their suitcases several times. So far, nothing special except the noise which visibly annoyed the bus driver.

The stress caused by the noise made him lose his temper. Indeed, the driver made get off all the passengers of the bus except the owner of the suitcases. The driver even made his wife get off before getting back behind the wheel, according to a source at Actu17.

The driver beat him

Obviously having a crazy idea in mind, the driver continued on his way, forcing the man to stay with him. He finally stopped at an isolated place before forcing the husband to get off the bus. That’s when he started beating up his passenger. Of course, his wife and the other passengers who were left behind called the police.

Fortunately for the unfortunate passenger, he was quickly found and taken care of by the firefighters. He was transported to the Lariboisière hospital, in the 10th arrondissement, for treatment. Apart from back and neck pain, the man has nothing serious. Regarding the driver, he will be summoned to the police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

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