Michelle Heaton is a British pop singer and former member of the band Liberty X. A few weeks ago, she received hundreds of messages from her fans warning her that her breast implants had a problem after seeing pictures of them in Okay! Magazine and on Instagram.

Friday, December 10, she wanted to thank and reassure her many fans after their alarming messages. She posted a photo surrounded by her family on her Instagram account along with a long message to explain the situation. She said: “I just wanted to reassure people that I have seen a doctor and yes, it looks like one or both of my implants have ruptured (…) To be honest. I preach on care. personal and here I am, not even realizing that something was wrong, as I have no feeling in my breasts, but when we did the shot, looking at the pictures, I could see something in their structure and appearance had changed “.

Michelle Heaton had a double mastectomy at the age of 33.

The singer explained that she underwent a double mastectomy in 2012 then a reconstruction with the installation of breast implants. In fact, Michelle Heaton discovered that she was a carrier of the BRCA gene which increased the risk of developing breast cancer by 85%. She therefore made the choice of this double mastectomy so as not to take any risks.

The former Liberty X star explained that she was going to have to undergo another reconstruction and that she was waiting to get a specialist appointment to confirm the diagnosis. A new ordeal for the one who confided a few weeks ago that she had overcome her addiction to alcohol and cocaine and that she was now sober.

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