Prince Harry’s Memoirs were released on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.
Prince Harry has restored a truth about his brother’s husband.
Prince Harry was not Prince William’s best man.

This was the long awaited book! Tuesday January 10, 2024, Prince Harry released his Memoirs. While some of our colleagues have already been able to read the book, it reveals the huge lie that emerged during the marriage of his brother, Prince William with Kate Middleton. While everyone thought Prince Harry was his big brother’s best man, that wasn’t the truth, according to statements from the Duke of Sussex. “The day before the wedding, Willy and I dined at Clarence House with Dad. James and Thomas, Willy’s best man, were there too. It had been announced to the public that I was the best man, but it was in reality of a beautiful lie”, writes prince Harry.

This information had never been revealed. In all the documents relating to the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales, it is recorded that the father of Archie and Lilibet were the best man for the future King of England. A 2011 Telegraph article talks about Prince Harry’s witness speech to his brother. Moreover, Prince Harry admits having made a speech at the wedding, but not as a witness.

Prince Harry: ‘Willy didn’t want me to be able to give a speech’

If the royal family wanted everyone to think that Prince Harry was Prince William’s best man, it was to make him happy. “It was what the public wanted, the Palace had seen no other option than to confirm it. In truth, however, Willy did not want me to be able to give a speech. He thought it too risky to put a microphone in his hands, he was afraid that I would slip up. That I would say something completely inappropriate. He was not wrong, “wrote Meghan Markle’s husband again. With this lie, the Palace had also protected the real witnesses of Prince William, James and Thomas.

"A beautiful lie": Prince Harry reveals the dark secret behind the marriage of William and Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Royalportraits Europe

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