In Pakistan, this father has committed a horrible act. He himself riddled his baby, who was only one week old, with bullets. Pakistani police announced this chilling news on Thursday, March 10, according to The baby’s father has been arrested and charged with killing his one-week-old daughter. The reason for his crime is that he would have preferred to have a boy rather than a girl. To put an end to the life of his offspring, this Pakistani living in the city of Mianwali, in the province of Punjab, used a firearm.

The baby was shot five times on Sunday, March 6, 2022. Mianwali police spokesman Zarrar Khan made a statement to AFP. According to him, the father “had been complaining for three or four days that he would have liked to have a son and was very angry”. After committing his horrible crime, the man fled. He was arrested on the night of March 9. Intense searches led to the arrest of the man, according to the Punjab police.

Some parents will do anything to have a boy

In Pakistan, giving birth to a boy is believed to be a good omen. In the country, a boy is “supposed to be better able to ensure the financial future of his parents than a girl”, specifies Le The murder of this week-old baby by his own father comes barely a month after another unfortunate event. A pregnant woman arrived at the hospital because she had a nail driven into her skull. Her healer had made her believe that she could thus give birth to a boy. The mother had specified that she was already the mother of three daughters.

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