Macabre discovery this Sunday, January 30. In Parramatta, Australia, the body of 19-year-old Aminah Hayat was discovered in an acid bath in the apartment she shared with her partner. According to the first elements of the investigation, the teenager was killed between noon and 5 p.m. Saturday, January 29, more than 24 hours before the police were sent to the scene by worried relatives. The main suspect in her murder is none other than her partner, Meraj Zafar, 20, whom she had married a few weeks earlier against the advice of her parents.

“I love my daughter. I want her back to me, said Aminah’s father, upset, in an interview with 7News. Everyone hoped she would become a doctor. She wanted to help others. ” Originally from Bangladesh, the teenager was in her second year of medicine and dreamed of becoming a surgeon. She had cut ties with her parents and moved in with Meraj Zafar six months earlier. According to the couple’s neighbors, she seemed happy and fulfilled. “She was charming. She put on music all the time. But she was discreet, I never spoke to her,” says Ali Safari.

The victim’s companion imprisoned and charged

Actively sought by the police for long hours, Aminah’s companion surrendered to the police on Monday January 31 and was charged with the murder of his companion. “He made the right decision by going to the police,” said his lawyer, Mohamad Sakr. Meraj Zafar will be tried in Parramatta court on April 5. In the meantime, he should remain incarcerated.

Aminah Hayat and Meraj Zafar © DR

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