A happy ending after two weeks of worry. This Thursday, May 12, the Avon and Somerset Police announced that they had found Madison, 15, after more than two weeks of intensive research. The teenager disappeared on April 26 after leaving her foster family’s home in Bristol for a shopping spree. “We are delighted to confirm that Maddie has been found,” Inspector Laura Miller said in a statement. We are very grateful to those who participated in the research and wish to reassure them. Maddie is currently receiving all the care and support she needs.”

According to the Daily Mirror, the teenager was found in a house with three grown men. Suspected of having kidnapped her, they have been “apprehended and will soon be questioned by the police”, announced Laura Miller. “We understand there is a lot of interest in this case but ask the public not to speculate and think about the impact this could all have on Maddie and her loved ones,” she added.

Voluntary departure or kidnapping?

If this outcome may seem surprising, it is far from surprising the authorities. Police say Maddie is a “vulnerable teenager” at risk of “being exploited”. In the past, she would have already been “found in the company of adult men” after having disappeared. The investigation will have to determine if this one was kidnapped against her will or if she joined the three suspects of her own free will.

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