The numbers just dropped. According to the Sovereign Grant Report, which establishes the amount of sums paid to the British royal family each year, the queen and her descendants would have cost 102.4 million pounds (around 120 million euros) to the British taxpayer over the period 2021- 2022. Up 17% from 2020-22, the monarchy’s publicly funded spending passes the £100m mark for the first time. What cause a lot of concern to the British, who face inflation of 9% in 12 months, a record in 40 years.

“The government should completely rethink the conditions for allocating public money to the Crown, said Norman Baker, royal finance expert, in the columns of The Mirror. We have no say in how the royal family chooses to use private jets or helicopters, all of which are paid for with public money, while ordinary people are fighting, it’s not fair.”

Works, travel and “green fuel”…

But why did Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the Cambridges demand so much money from the English this year? According to British tabloid The Mirror, the Crown’s spending is largely related to ongoing renovations at Buckingham Palace. Due to preparations for Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee, held June 2-5, renovations cost £63.9 million in 2021-22, £14.4 million more than last year. In addition, taxpayers’ money is used to finance the royal train, which Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles, continue to use. About £100,000 would have been spent in 2021-2022 for this means of transport, and this for only 3 trips. Note that if these trips are so expensive, it is because Prince Charles has chosen to travel only with “green fuel”, out of respect for the environment. “The prince is aware of the financial cost but the impact of his travels on the environment in the midst of a climate emergency is far greater,” a source told the Mirror.

And the money claimed from the British does not only finance the trips of the queen and the prince, but also those of the other active members of the royal family. For example, the Cambridge Caribbean tour, held from March 19 to 26, cost £226,000 in travel and accommodation. Something to quickly drive up the bill…

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