A trivial argument that turns to drama. On Saturday March 12, in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, a 9-year-old boy killed his 17-year-old half-brother with a gun. According to the police report, the two young Philadelphians were playing video games in their Ashmead Street home when an argument broke out. The teenager then allegedly started bullying his little brother and threatening him with an air pistol, following which the child allegedly got his hands on a gun and shot the teenager.

Seriously injured in the head, the young man was transferred to Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, where he died two hours later. A one-year-old baby and a seven-year-old girl were present at the time of the tragedy. In wanting to flee the scene, the little girl injured her foot and had to be taken care of by the hospital. For the time being, the police do not know how the little boy was able to obtain his weapon. An investigation will be conducted to determine who it belonged to and whether or not the boy will be prosecuted for his act.

16-year-old teenager already killed in Las Vegas following a dispute related to a video game

This is not the first time that a part of video games has degenerated like this in the United States. In October 2020, in Nevada, a 16-year-old teenager named Arthur Earl Davis IV was shot by another 14-year-old teenager following an argument related to a console game. The latter was then charged with murder and incarcerated at the Clark County Juvenile Correctional Facility.

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