“I could not any more.” This is what Martine Grandjean, 69, said at the Vesoul court on Tuesday, October 12. She has just been sentenced to seven years in prison for having killed her own mother in 2017, in Dorand. According to the sixty-year-old’s brother, she had become “the slave” of her father. Le Figaro looks back on this extraordinary story.

It is still early, this morning of April 16, 2017, in Dorans. Some of the 700 souls of the small village are still resting on this Sunday, but at Martine Grandjean’s home, the cries are already being heard. When the firefighters are called by the 69-year-old, it is already too late. Upon their arrival, he discovers his mother, aged 84, dead. She is lying on the bed with a plastic bag in her mouth and a pillow on her head. Martine has just suffocated her, and she admits it.

She had already been taking care of her mother for several years, who had given her the first name of a previous child, stillborn. Martine went to her home daily to take care of it, but three days before the events, she had welcomed her home after returning from hospitalization. On the morning of April 16, 2017, Martine cracks when her mother tells her that she does not want to stay at home. “But where do you want me to put you? The harm that you do to me, the harm that you do to me …”, replied the sixty-year-old. And, in a gesture, she grabs the pillow which is at hand and presses on her face with shouting “shut up!”.

According to her brother, Martine was their mother’s slave

At the helm, Martine returns to the facts by confiding that she was not herself that morning. “I didn’t want to kill her,” she told the judge. “I couldn’t take it anymore, for all these years. I was like emptied, I was no longer me.” During Martine’s trial, her brother took up her defense. “She adored her mom, she did everything for her,” he said. But he also confides that since the age of 14, Martine was under his influence. She was “his slave”. At the helm, he says their mother was abusive and she always belittled her children. Facts that the expert psychologist confirmed: “she was in extreme psychological distress, she was exhausted.” Faced with the sentence given, Martine Grandjean’s lawyers have already planned to appeal.

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