No, that’s not a bad Halloween joke. The facts happened this Sunday, October 31, 2021, at the end of the morning, in a field in the small town of Valsonne, which is located in the Rhône department. An octogenarian by the name of André Gouttenoire, resident of this town, died after being trampled by one of his cows.

According to information from the newspaper Le Progrès, this 83-year-old man had gone to the meadow where his cattle were, in particular to check the state of health of one of his cows which had just given birth. Worried that he would not be coming home, his wife sounded the alarm by calling the police. Arrived on the spot, the police discovered a scene they did not expect: the body of the man was lying on the ground, dead under the hoofs of his cow, which attacked his master for a reason which remains to be determined.

No investigation in progress

The news quickly spread in this small village located between Roanne and Lyon. “I am very sorry. André Gouttenoire was invested in communal life, he was in particular part of the association of veterans of Algeria”, declared the mayor of Vasonne, Mr. Patrick Bourrassaut. The police do not intend to open an investigation, as the results are beyond doubt.

A man trampled by a cow © Pexels

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