The facts date back to September 1, 2022. Regan Deeley was in her home in South Tyneside, England when she fell down her stairs. The 30-something had just passed out. “I had woken up at 3am feeling unwell and dizzy. I don’t remember anything after that until I saw my son on the phone with the paramedics. But I fell on my head , so my body was still halfway down the stairs and my arms were trapped under me,” she confessed to The Shields Gazette, adding that she had taken quite a blow to the head. Fortunately, her little Grayson, 8, reacted quickly.

Without hesitation, the child contacted the emergency services. “The operator must have asked him to check on me. He was listening to my pulse and my breathing. Then he touched my arms and legs asking if I could feel them,” Regan recalled. A few minutes later, Grayson greeted the rescuers before going to reassure Drew, his 5-year-old brother: “My son helped the paramedics move a piece of furniture that was at the bottom of the stairs because my legs were stuck.” The two boys were then dropped off at a neighbor’s while the mother of the family was taken to hospital with a neck brace and a head immobilizer.

A particularly proud mother

After a few exams, Regan was able to go home. The young woman, who is a first aid student, came out with simple bruises: “I had a scan which revealed no broken bones or internal bleeding.” At the time of this writing, the 30-year-old does not know why she passed out, although she is leaning towards low blood pressure. Extremely proud of her son Grayson, the mother was full of praise for him: “He is only 8 years old, some adults could not have managed like he did. He took control of the situation. I am completely blown away. I have nominated him to win an award for his act of bravery.”

8-year-old man saves his mother's life after falling down the stairs


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