Jennifer Hernandez, 20, and her boyfriend were exiting a Shell station in North Harris County, Texas, on the night of September 16-17, 2022 when their car was riddled with bullet holes. The young woman was pregnant with a boy, she was in her eighth month of pregnancy, reveals the Mirror. The day after this horrific incident, a baby shower was planned to celebrate the upcoming birth of her son. Jennifer did not survive the alleged shooting. His death was declared at the hospital.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, quoted by Mirror, Jennifer was found in the passenger seat of the vehicle, believed to be a blue Nissan Sentra. According to statements from authorities, a white sedan, bearing “a paper license plate”, pulled up next to the car that Jennifer and her 17-year-old boyfriend were in. Then follows the fatal shooting that killed the young mother and the unborn child. Bullet holes were found in the car door as well as in the window.

Police suspect road rage

Although the investigation is still ongoing, police believe the fatal drive-by shooting may have been the result of road rage. However, Jennifer’s boyfriend, who incidentally was hit twice but survived, said they had not exchanged a word with anyone before the tragedy occurred. The Mirror article from September 20, 2022 revealed that the investigation was still ongoing and that police were looking for the white sedan and its driver.

8 months pregnant, she is coldly killed on the eve of her baby shower

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