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6-year-old girl diagnosed with rare cancer after being accused of faking

For many months, Elizabeth Osborne lived through hell. At the age of 6, this young resident of Nottingham, United Kingdom, had numerous examinations at the hospital. Her mother, Emma, ​​took her to health facilities several times because she complained of excruciating pain in her hip. Eight times. But each time, the little girl’s blood tests and MRIs and other scans showed nothing abnormal and Elizabeth was sent home. According to her mother, a doctor even suggested that her daughter invented the symptoms to receive a treat after each trip to the hospital. Despite the tests failing to detect a problem, Emma trusted her daughter and felt in her gut that something was wrong. And when a lump appeared in Elizabeth’s cheek, she again took her daughter to the hospital.

This time, the little girl was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A “terrible” moment for this mother hen who decided to speak out in the hope that other parents will trust their instincts and will be persistent in taking care of their children. “To think that your child has been sitting with cancer in their body for seven months without treatment is just horrible, added the Briton. I want to educate people to trust their parenting instincts because you know your child best. . ” When her little girl first complained about her hip, Emma began to fear that she had early onset arthritis, but doctors still couldn’t find anything wrong.

She started her chemotherapy

“I was getting really frustrated because deep down I knew something was wrong with my child, it was deeper than what was not showing on x-rays or blood tests,” Emma added. . Eventually, after months of uncertainty, an MRI detected a bone defect in her leg and it was confirmed that she had tumors on her face, across her skull and jawbone. Elizabeth was diagnosed with rare B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoblastic lymphoma on October 6 and began chemotherapy for two and a half years. Her family started an online fundraiser to help them pay for her hospital costs. A spokesperson for the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust apologized: ‘We wish Elizabeth a speedy recovery and urge people to make sure to contact a doctor if they think something is wrong with their child. themselves or a loved one “.

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