Russell Bishop, now 55, is a British child abductor sentenced to life in 2018 for the rape and murder of two 9-year-old girls: Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway. The tragedies take place in October 1986. Russell Bishop was arrested for the first time for murder, but escaped justice for nearly 32 years. Now behind bars, the one who was also involved in a case of sexual assault and murder of a 7-year-old girl is “devastated”. After taking the lives of several children, his will soon be taken too. The pedophile is indeed suffering from intestinal cancer which has spread to the brain.

Russell Bishop underwent surgery, according to The Sun, in an attempt to stop the growth of the disease. Without success. Today, the inmate who is “devastated” by the diagnosis receives palliative care at HMP Frankland in County Durham. According to one of the sources, “he has weeks, or at most months” to live. “He receives good care in the prison, but it is only palliative care to make his last few weeks less painful.”

Few people sorry for the executioner

Also according to the same source who spoke to The Sun, “a lot of people think there is an element of karma in this and few staff – and few inmates – feel sorry for him.” The families may also find themselves relieved to see the executioner who took their children leave. “Bishop never showed much remorse for what he did, so people feel justified in not feeling a lot of sympathy for him.”

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