It was in Stoke-on-Trent, in the British county of Staffordshire, that tragedy struck. On December 31, a 5-year-old child drowned in his bath while his mother was a few mothers away from him.

It all started on New Year’s Eve, when little Jayden-Jay Silvester’s mother, Lisa Johnson, was wrapping presents for New Year’s Eve. “Jayden-Jay came upstairs and asked if he could take a bath. He had a headache, she tells the Daily Mail. I went into the tub, turned on the water and put some bubble bath in it. The tub was half full. I put him in the tub, made sure he was okay, and continued to wrap my presents.”

“I heard her scream and ran into the bathroom”

Vigilant, Lisa heard from her son in the minutes that followed. “Five to ten minutes later I asked him if he was okay and he said yes.” But the situation quickly changed. “I had a gift left to wrap but I had no more paper, says the bereaved mother. Her grandmother came upstairs to bring me some and I asked her to take a look at it. Jayden-Jay. I heard her scream and I ran into the bathroom. She pulled him out of the water and I started first aid.”

Rushed to Royal Stoke University Hospital in Hartshill, little Jayden-Jay could not be saved. An autopsy concluded that he died of an epileptic seizure followed by drowning. “He had suffered from seizures in the past and had a fever. Unfortunately, as he had his seizure in the bath, he went underwater and drowned,” concluded Emma Serrano, medical examiner of the North Staffordshire. Born prematurely at just 24 weeks pregnant, the little boy had spent 101 days in neonatal care and indeed had a history of epilepsy. “He was a lovely son and brother,” concludes his mother.

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