Elijah, 5, has not given a sign of life for 6 months. Yet her family never reported her missing. It was the New Hampshire Child Protective Services that alerted police to the little boy’s disappearance just days ago. Following this report, the authorities announced that they were looking for Elijah’s parents. Investigators finally got hold of the boy’s mother three days later, as well as the latter’s boyfriend.

Danielle Denise Dauphinais, aged 35, was arrested following the disappearance of her son. Her boyfriend, Joseph Strapf, 30, was also arrested. As reported by Paris Match, the two thirty-something have been charged with endangering the life of a child and manipulating witnesses. Indeed, according to investigators, the mother of little Elijah and his companion would have asked relatives to lie about the boy, especially about where he lived, to be able to escape questions from the child protection services.

The boy still untraceable despite research

For now, Elijah is still wanted by the police. A lake not far from the house where he lived, in New Hampshire, has been surveyed, without giving any conclusive result for the moment. “We are trying to find Elijah. We hope we will find him healthy. But I would not be honest if I did not say that the chances of that happening do not seem great at this point,” the attorney general said on Monday. senior assistant Benjamin Agati.

The police, however, did not say whether the little boy was still in that state or if he could be elsewhere in the United States. Nor if other people appeared to be involved in this affair.

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