40 swingers tested positive for Covid-19

It’s a very nice cluster … A few days ago, and despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is experiencing an impressive rebound in the United States, hundreds of swingers met in New Orleans to attend a convention. Bob Hannaford Naughty in N’awlins’ organizer explained in a blog post that he was hesitant to host the event. But after seeking advice and taking “extraordinary measures” to make it safe, he ultimately chose not to cancel it. So 300 people found themselves in an enclosed space for several evenings where social distancing was not really in order. A few days after these crazy nights, he received several messages from participants who tested positive for Covid-19.

“When we reached out to the people who were positive, we asked them several questions to find other potential positive cases and try to find out where the greatest risks were, the organizer wrote. In almost all cases, they admitted to us that they had been super careful the first two days, then they relaxed a bit. ” Bob Hannaford then explained that the organizers had taken extraordinary measures for this event and had implemented a non-contact process with temperature checks, online social distancing and disinfection upon arrival of participants. . “We issued one-color bracelets to indicate who had antibodies and therefore was not contagious,” he says. “We assigned a second color to those who showed us a very recent negative Covid-19 test. The bracelets even had the date of their tests circled. “

“If I could turn back time …”

Bob Hannaford assured that more than 50% of the participants in this swinger convention had antibodies to Covid-19 and that many others had been tested just before the event, which reassured him in the face of any potential risk. But despite the measures put in place and the mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces, 41 people tested positive a few days after the end of the convention. “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t be producing this event again. Even though most of the 41 positive cases were mostly asymptomatic or very mild, the organizer concluded. The reason I wouldn’t do it, is that I know two people who went through more difficult times and who were in pain. One of them, a good friend of mine, was hospitalized in serious condition. ”

The swinger convention © Instagram

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