Athena Brownfield was reported missing after a postman found her five-year-old sister outside their home in Cyril, Oklahoma. The postman alerted the police and the investigation resulted in the body of a child being found near the town of Rush Springs. Investigating officers have discovered the remains of a child according to the press release issued by OBSI on January 17, quoted by the Mirror. The British media reveals that the authorities have not been able to confirm if the body is indeed that of Athena Brownfield, the 4-year-old girl reported missing.

“OBSI has confirmed that the body will be transported to a medical examiner’s office in Oklahoma City for identification,” the Mirror article read. On Tuesday, January 17, court documents relating to the murder of the 4-year-old girl were released. Alysia Adams, 31, is the guardian of two sisters Athena and Adina. Alysia Adams told investigators her husband Ivon Adams, 36, beat Athena to death on Christmas Day. She also revealed that her husband had buried the little girl’s body near their former home in Rush Springs.

He beat her several times around midnight on Christmas Day

Alysia and Ivon took care of Athena and her sister Adina, with whom they have been related for two years. According to the Daily Mail, Ivon punched the 4-year-old girl three times after laying her on the ground. According to Alysia’s statement to investigators, Athena was beaten to death around midnight on Christmas Day. After being beaten up, the poor little girl remained inert. Ivon’s phone records showed he left the house in the early hours of Boxing Day. He had traveled to Rush Springs before returning around 4:15 a.m.

4-year-old girl goes missing, investigators make chilling discovery

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