At the start of confinement, Ashleigh Voisin turned to dating apps. Listed on Bumble, the American fell in love with a young man. The current went very well between them and during the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to go on a date via FaceTime. Over time, however, their paths diverged. Two years later, the blonde beauty fell back on her profile as she swiped right and left. At the time, she was considering scheduling a face-to-face meeting. After discovering that they had friends in common, the young woman preferred to find out before starting.

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Ashleigh therefore asked one of her relatives if she should reconnect with her former crush. His friend strongly advised him not to. The reason ? The one she coveted had recently been arrested for assault by strangulation. “Welcome to the world of dating,” she said ironically on her TikTok page. In a second video, the American did not hesitate to display the face of the individual. In a statement sent to The Daily Dot, Bumble clarified that the man in question was blocked from the app as soon as they learned of his criminal record.

The world of dating, a ruthless universe

Unsurprisingly, Ashleigh’s testimony caused quite a stir on social media. Internet users have also been numerous to share their own misadventures of the same kind. “Oh! I was on a date when a girl showed up when the boy was in the bathroom. She showed me her criminal record!”, “One day, I did some research on a guy who I had matched with on Hinge and I found several articles that talked about his arrest for arson “we could read in the comments. Definitely, the dating world is ruthless. Be careful !



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