Desperate to start a family, this couple turned to a surrogate mother. But when the baby was born, nothing went as planned.

Dylan and Beth (first names) have always dreamed of having a child. After several miscarriages, they decided to use a surrogate mother. At the time, the future parents had forged a strong bond with the one who bore their offspring. “The surrogate mother was a very nice woman who took care of her body and with whom we got along very well,” said the man on Reddit. But the situation turned into a nightmare the day of the birth: “When I saw the baby, I knew something was wrong. He had Asian features, black hair and brown eyes. The complete opposite of my wife and I, who are white and blond with blue eyes.”

In shock, Dylan and Beth quickly requested a DNA test. This mentioned that the man was not the biological father of the child. And for good reason, the surrogate mothers’ agency and the sperm bank had made a mistake during the in vitro fertilization. The couple therefore made the choice to abandon the baby. “We don’t care about ethnicity, we’re just upset that the baby isn’t ours. If he was white and not mine, we would still have been angry. The surrogate was also heartbroken when we told her what happened, but she can’t afford to keep the baby because she already has 5 children,” the man explained.

“The baby is biologically related to your wife”

Shattered by this story, netizens asked Dylan and Beth to reconsider their decision: “I know it’s a lot to ask, but can you find a place for this child in your heart? Despite everything, he blessed you, you and your wife, and needs to be loved like any other baby”, “The baby is biologically related to your wife. If you use biology to justify the fact that you are morally entitled to abandon the baby, your wife would immorally abandon her child, even if you don’t consider it yours.” Arguments that did not have the desired effect. As legal guardians of the baby, the two Americans have already contacted an adoption agency to find him a home.



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