A young mother was shocked when her vegetarian daughter asked her for meat. In the process, she learned that her ex-companion had already given it to her without her consent.

Since her divorce, Susan (assumed first name) shares custody of her daughter with her former partner. According to her secrets on Reddit, the whole family is vegetarian: “I became a vegetarian when I moved in with my ex because he was a vegetarian and he didn’t like animal products in the house. I was a vegetarian during my pregnancy and we raised our daughter vegan for almost 8 years.” A diet that has changed. And for good reason, the little girl asked her mom for chicken nuggets when she passed a famous American fast food restaurant. A real shock for the latter!

“She had a fit of tears saying she hated me, that I was a terrible mom and that her dad would have let her eat chicken nuggets,” continued Susan. The same evening, the young woman called her ex-companion to ask him to account: “I think he should have told me about it before giving him meat. When I told him, he replied that I was too stuck. He said nothing to me because he thought I was going to overreact. An observation that greatly annoyed the mother: “It’s quite paradoxical for a guy who made me see all the colors when I wanted to eat chocolate cakes (which were however vegetarians) during my pregnancy.”

Internet users support the mother

At the end of her post, Susan asked for feedback from forum users. Unsurprisingly, the majority of Internet users sided with the young mother, criticizing the attitude of her ex-companion. “If you and your co-parent have an agreement about your child’s diet, you should let each other know when you change something,” “It’s not very healthy to cut the conversation short out of fear may the other parent be mad at you”, “This guy is completely wrong for forcing his daughter to hide something from her mother” we could read in the comments under the publication.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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