Dimitty Bonnet had the shock of her life when she gave birth, alone, in her shower. At 28 and although having been pregnant twice, the young woman, this time, had not realized this third pregnancy…

Mom of two, Dimitty Bonnet had given up hope of ever having another child. With her husband, Jason, 42, a writer, she had welcomed a first son, Nate, five years old, then Darci, three years old.

After several attempts to have a third toddler, the couple had stopped trying and concluded that their little family was perfect as well. But fate saw things differently!

An undetectable pregnancy

Administrative manager in New South Wales, Australia, Dimitty remembered in the columns of the Mirror newspaper “My weight fluctuated throughout my life. So I didn’t think about it when I put on a few pounds” adding “I assumed it was a little extra weight because of the confinement, nothing too noticeable”. During these months of pregnancy denial, the young woman normally continues her life “I flew a month ago, I even had an x-ray with a rugby injury six weeks before giving birth,” she noted.

A negative test

“There was no part of me that thought I could expect a child” and to specify “I even took a pregnancy test a month before giving birth, it came back negative”. However, the day before February 26, 2022, Dimitty feels “a little uncomfortable” without really understanding the reason “My stomach was a little bad so I put the children to bed and myself, I I went to bed early”. But around 1 a.m., everything suddenly changes “I felt so uncomfortable. It was like I needed to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t go,” she recalled. “The pain started to get worse so I decided to take a shower to feel better.” So as not to wake her husband, Dimitty turns off the light and takes a shower in the dark.

An unexpected birth

“I felt a sudden urge to push and the next thing I realized was that I was holding a baby’s head.” In total shock and confusion, Dimitty manages to sit on the floor in the dark and, after one final push, gives birth to her child. Calling for her husband for help, Jason discovers her on the ground, covered in blood, cradling their newborn son. Panicked, the couple calls an ambulance where Dimitty delivers the placenta into it and sees the cord cut. Transported to the hospital, mother and son are monitored for 24 hours. “It was such a huge shock that the first few days are a bit blurry,” said the young mother. “My older kids were so excited when we told them we had a surprise! adding “My daughter in particular. She was very caring and took on her role as a big sister very well.

A gift of life

Named Harvey Eric Barry Timmins, the surprise little boy made the whole family happy “Our friends and loved ones were so supportive because we were not at all prepared. We had thrown away all our old baby stuff a month before,” she commented. “Everyone got together to make sure we had a pram, clothes, nappies and a bed for him.” Despite a necessary adaptation period, the small family has taken its bearings “We feel more settled now. He’s such an amazing baby and we feel so lucky to have him in the family.” The biggest shock of their lives!

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