Angélique Herlem, a 36-year-old mother, disappeared the night of January 13 to 14. The last time she was seen was leaving her home without papers or means of payment, according to Le Parisien. An investigation was then opened for worrying disappearance. Moreover, “several beats had even been organized by his relatives”, reported the media. Several weeks have passed without any clues to Angélique Herlem’s disappearance being found.

Unfortunately, she was found dead on March 11. It was teenagers who discovered his lifeless body in a disused commercial premises in Cateau-Cambrésis. It was the DNA analyzes that made it possible to determine his identity, according to La Voix du Nord.

“You have to get used to the idea that maybe she had a problem”

When she was found, countless cans of alcohol and medicine lay around her corpse. A possible intervention from a third party is excluded, according to La Voix du Nord. “You have to get used to the idea that maybe she had a problem,” one of her relatives told La Voix du Nord. “In the family, we are independent, we manage our problems, we know the value of things,” according to the insider.

The deceased’s daughter also shared her thoughts following the discovery of her mother’s corpse. “My mother’s life was not always happy and she had to struggle not to stay in despair,” her daughter Malika wrote on Facebook. “I, her child, never suffered from her injuries, because my mother was a strong woman, and despite the past, what mattered to her was the future,” she added.

36-year-old mother missing since January found dead © Pexels

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