Incredible but true ! Randy Waites, a man from California, discovered he had a hidden brother by turning on his television.

Randy Waites certainly didn’t expect to find his hidden brother when he turned on his television, and yet, that’s exactly what happened. While watching a report on the snowfall, the Californian was intrigued to hear that the man being interviewed was named Eddie Waites. Out of curiosity, he asked his daughter Cambria to find out more about it. “I saw Eddie’s physical features and found that he looked a lot like my father. I did my research trying to gather as much information as possible,” the young woman told the local channel KCRA.

Our coverage just ran in the 5pm show, but you can catch this incredible story — and the very special in-person meeting between these two brothers — again tonight on @kcranews at 10.

— Stephanie Lin (@StephanieLinTV) February 6, 2022

Shortly after, the two men contacted each other by phone. A first call that changed everything. “It was incredible” said Randy Waites in particular. As for Eddie’s doubts, they were quickly dispelled when he met his brother on February 6: “I immediately felt chills from head to toe. At first I thought it was not possible . When I saw a picture of him, I saw my dad. I saw our dad. I knew it was real.” These unexpected reunions also allowed Randy to learn more about his parent, a man who was never part of his life.

“Having not only a brother but a family that I didn’t know existed, I don’t have the words”

“I’ve never met my dad or seen a picture of him in my entire life,” Randy told the local channel. And to add: “Eddie sent me a lot of things like photos of my grandfather. It allowed me to fill in the holes in the family history that I never had on that side. .” Surprisingly, the two brothers grew up about forty kilometers apart. Now reunited, they intend to make up for lost time. “It’s like living an experience outside of my body. This whole story is surreal. To have not only a brother but a family that I didn’t know existed, I have no words. It’s incredible” concluded Eddie, happier than ever.


Unbelievable! Randy Waites discovered he had a hidden brother when he turned on his TV
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