Detective in spite of herself. In December 2019, an American from Minneapolis (Minnesota) solved the murder of her daughter thanks to the snitch she had hidden in the trunk of her car.

“She had big hopes and dreams for the future. At first she wanted to be an architect, then thought of becoming an FBI agent.” Adopted in Kazakhstan at the age of 6 months, little Dani was the pride of her adoptive parents: Wendy Poulsen and Gerald Sommerfeld. A good student, she loved snowboarding, karate and rugby. Unfortunately, everything changed in adolescence. Influenced, Dani fell into drugs and multiplied the misconduct. In 2017, the teenager was even arrested for drunk driving. It was then that her mother made a radical decision.

For fear that something serious would happen, Wendy Poulsen discreetly put a bug in the trunk of Dani’s car. “It reassured me a little,” says Wendy in the columns of the New York Post. Unfortunately, his fear was realized less than three months later. On Sept. 1, 2019, while visiting family a few hours outside of Minneapolis, Wendy was surprised when she didn’t hear from her daughter. “I was sick of it, so I checked the tracker, which told me Dani’s car was parked in a suburb of Minneapolis-Saint Paul.” Her daughter-in-law’s husband, Dustin, offered to go to the scene. But once there, the young man made a terrible discovery: the body of Dani, who died of an overdose of fentanyl, had been discovered shortly before in the passenger seat of his car.

“In the end, the tracker had the greatest value”

In the aftermath, the Minneapolis police opened an investigation. Thanks to the device installed in Dani’s car, the investigators discovered that before dying, the teenager had visited a certain Calvonzo Burnett, an offender convicted in 2011 of violence against his pregnant girlfriend. The investigation revealed that Burnett had sold Dani the fatal fentanyl and the dealer was arrested in February 2020, after causing the death of another teenager in December 2019. Indicted for two third degree murders, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. jail.

Today, Wendy finds it hard to mourn Dani. His only comfort: knowing the truth about his death. “The tracker couldn’t help me control Dani and I knew he wouldn’t stop him from doing something risky. But in the end, he had the greatest of values ​​to solve this story.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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