While France is hit hard by the Omicron variant, Jean-Michel Blanquer unveiled, Sunday, January 2, 2022, in the columns of the Parisian, the new measures taken in schools. Monday, January 3, 2022, they will be no less than 12.5 million students to return to school benches after the Christmas holidays. To deal with the spread of the variant among the youngest, new measures have been taken and they mainly concern the multiplication of tests for students considered as contact cases. To avoid systematically closing the classes where there are positive cases, the children will have to be tested. Only, they will not have to perform a single test.

“We start from what is already done: as soon as a positive case appears in a class, all the students must do an antigen test or PCR, before returning on presentation of a negative result. What changes, c is that from now on, when the family takes the first test, they will receive two free self-tests at the pharmacy, so that the pupils can test themselves again at home on D + 2 and D + 4. Parents must certify in writing that the tests have been done and they are negative, “said the Minister of National Education. As a result, so-called contact cases students will have to be tested three times in four days if parents want to continue taking them to school.

These tests should make it possible to secure sanitary conditions in schools.

“These tests at intervals of several days make sure that a student who tested negative on the first day has not subsequently become positive. The objective is to keep the school open in as secure sanitary conditions as possible, even though the last two weeks have been marked by a very strong acceleration in the circulation of Omicron “, the minister still tried to justify himself. However, this new decision risks going very badly on the side of the parents of the students.

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