A real drama unfolded during the Qatar World Cup. This Friday, December 9, during the round of 16 between Argentina and the Netherlands, an American journalist collapsed. At only 48 years old, Grant Wahl died while covering this meeting under high tension. According to the New York Times, his agent explained that he was in the press box when he began to feel unwell. “He wasn’t sleeping well, and I asked him if he had tried melatonin or something, Tim Scanlan said. He said, ‘I just need to relax a little’.” According to two New York Times reporters who were present, medical staff performed CPR and other treatments for about 20 minutes before Grant Wahl was taken out of Lusail Iconic Stadium.

According to CNN, he was later transferred to Hamad General Hospital. “I am so grateful for the support of my husband Grant Wahl’s football family and so many friends who reached out to me this evening, wrote on Twitter the journalist’s wife. I am completely in shock. ” Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, explained that US officials were in contact with Grant Wahl’s family and were “engaged with senior Qatari officials to ensure that his family’s wishes are carried out as well. quickly as possible”. In an episode of the Futbol podcast with Grant Wahl, published a few days before his death on December 6, he complained of discomfort: “It had become quite horrible in terms of tightness in my chest, pressure”. In a blog post, he said he “collapsed” due to high stress and a heavy workload.

Circumstances still murky

Grant Wahl made headlines in November when he was refused entry to a World Cup match because he wore a rainbow t-shirt in support of LGBTQ rights. In a video, his brother Eric wondered if the journalist’s death was natural or if he had been killed: “I am the reason why he wore the rainbow jersey at the World Cup. I don’t believe my brother just died, I believe he was killed.” For the moment, the causes of Grand Wahl’s death have not been revealed and the exact circumstances will have to be established. FIFA President Gianni Infantino offered his condolences to those close to the journalist, saying in a statement that “Wahl’s love for football was immense and his reporting will be missed by all who follow world football”.

2022 World Cup: a journalist collapses dead in the middle of a match, his wife broken

Drama in Qatar © Pexel

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