Trying to preserve your child is a real challenge, even more so when he enters adolescence. A mum was shocked to learn that her 15-year-old son had had a stripper lap dance at a party hosted by one of his teammates.

Anonymously, the mother asked Coleen Nolan, adviser to the Mirror newspaper, to clarify this situation which she considers inappropriate given the age of her child and the context in which it took place.

An irrelevant program

“I’m totally disgusted by something that happened recently at my 15 year old son’s gym and I don’t know what to do about it,” the anonymous mum wrote. “My son’s team organized a party at one of his teammates’ to celebrate the end of the season,” she continued. If this event is perfectly understandable, the program turned out to be out of place. “There was a stripper there,” she added. “In a room full of teenagers, a grown woman took off all her clothes and also danced naked on the lap of the team captain and the player who scored the most this season: my son! she noted.

Divided on how to react

Emphasizing that she was not naive and that she was well aware that as a straight man, the show must have pleased him, she however thought “I don’t think that’s the way it should happen. and he is still only 15 years old”. Not wanting to embarrass her son in front of his friends or deprive him of his sport, she wondered what to do with this event. “He loves being part of this team and he is very good at what he does. I would like it to continue but I am totally unhappy with the extracurricular activities. What to do for the best? she asked.

Make your point

In his reply, Coleen Nolan indicated that he was certain that 15-year-olds today were no longer at all those who their parents were at the same age, even if, in the eyes of the law, the boy remained still a child until he comes of age. “I imagine an adult would have had to book and pay for the entertainment, in which case you need to know who that person is,” she wrote. Advising him to talk about it with the other parents as well, she suggested that this mother explain why it was inappropriate and irrelevant. “If the children organized this, the leader and the other leaders of this team must meet them in a room and explain why it was inappropriate,” she said. While pointing out that her son was at a very impressionable age, she told him “I think it’s important to have a discussion with him about how he views women because you want him to be respectful” and invited to ask his son his feelings without making him feel bad for having been present. “Find out who is responsible and get your point across! she concluded.

15 year old son gets a lapdance from a stripper furious mom


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