The drama was narrowly avoided. This Thursday morning, around 10 a.m., a 13-year-old girl attempted suicide by throwing herself from the window of her room located in a building in the city of Vitry-sur-Seine, located in the Val-de -Marl. It was the screams of the mother of the family that alerted the neighbors, who hastened to call for help.

After hitting the ground, the young girl managed to move, before being taken care of by the firefighters. Once at Necker Hospital, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the toll was heavy: the latter suffered from multiple fractures and severe internal bleeding. Operated in emergency, her condition was quickly stabilized.

A neighbor: “The lawn has absorbed the shock”

The locals are still in shock: “I understood something was going on when I heard a woman screaming. It was her mother. I went to my window and saw the ‘teenage girl walking towards a tree, more or less dragging herself. Her mother was at her window, “a neighbor said in particular.

Direct witness of the scene, another neighbor testified to the newspaper Le Parisien: “The child was conscious. She was able to speak. Fortunately we have the lawn. The rain of these last days also makes the earth n ‘. is not too hard. That must have saved her “.

According to the first elements of the file, the teenager did not show up for class on the morning of the tragedy. She would also have left a message on her computer to explain her gesture. However, the teenager, described as “shy” and who has “a few girlfriends”, was a good student and there was no sign of such a gesture. The police are investigating a possible school bullying.

A teenage girl tries to kill herself © Pexels

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