January, this post-holiday month that is supposed to usher in the new year, however, is not the happiest of months. With its Blue Monday (Monday January 16), its gloomy weather and its lack of light, it is easy to lose morale and sink into a gloomy mood. But there is no need to hibernate or sink into depression because here are some tips to boost your morale.

Go out and enjoy the sunlight

Even if the sun is rare in winter, we must go out and enjoy its light. We must not forget that our dear sun is a natural source of vitamin D. The latter boosts the immune system and the sun, let’s face it, helps to feel happier and more energetic.

To exercise

Even if it means going out, take the opportunity to do some physical exercise. Sport is a great way to feel better when it’s cold and dark. It helps release dopamine, the molecule of happiness and well-being.

Eat well and balanced

First, do not skimp on foods rich in vitamin D. Fatty fish, dairy products, dark chocolate (70% cocoa minimum), mushrooms…, a plethora of foods are naturally full of vitamin D. Then, fruits and vegetables season are a mine of good things for the body. It is preferred to eat them raw in order to preserve their vitamin and trace element content.

Vitamins and trace elements are our friends

Trace elements and vitamins are essential for a healthy glow. So during the winter, we fill it up:

Vitamin B12: to fight the cold
Vitamin B6: for full energy
Vitamin C: to boost the immune system
Vitamin D: to compensate for the lack of sunlight

Stay logged in

When the days are short and the weather is cold, it’s easy to feel isolated. Staying connected to friends and family, spending time with them can only be good! Doing volunteer work or other social activity also allows you to widen your circle of acquaintances.

Plan enjoyable activities

The weather is bad, why not plan pleasant activities? Read a book, take a nice hot bath, reorganize your home… there is no shortage of sedentary activities that help you feel happier and more energetic.

Discover new things

Discovering new things and getting out of your comfort zone is ideal for not feeling locked into the same winter routine. You can start a sporting activity, learn another language, get into knitting, pottery, painting… Doing something different allows you to develop your creativity and find inspiration in life.

Take care of yourself

In winter, and especially after the holidays, we tend to let ourselves go. Collateral damage due to holiday meals, lack of sun and vitamins and our diet violate the tone of our body. This is why pampering it becomes vital. Thus, taking a bath, doing masks/scrubs, manicures/pedicures… are all the more welcome for mental well-being. It is also important to keep a regular internal rhythm by respecting meal and sleep times.

Awaken your senses and your morale

So of course, spring is not yet at our doorstep with the “resurrection” of fauna and flora. However, it is important not to leave our senses at half mast during the winter. Stimulating one’s senses can be prolific for morale. Perfume your interior, cook, pamper your plants, listen to music…, many activities sharpen our senses for the prosperity of our well-being.

Be optimistic, remember it won’t last

Keeping an optimistic attitude and finding positive things to achieve in your life helps to get through this dark period. There’s nothing better to cheer yourself up than planning your spring outings or summer vacations. This allows you to have a goal in sight and to rejoice, each day spent, in the rapprochement of these future motivating pleasures. Anyway, things will eventually get better: spring will arrive.

10 tips to keep your spirits up when it's cold and dark


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